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Moisture content

Definition noun The weight of the water contained in an object or material, usually expressed as a percentage of... Read More

Color analysis rapidly predicts carbon content of soil

Scientists report in the Soil Science Society of America Journal that soil color can be as accurate as the lab for carbon... Read More

Relationship of reading of portable chlorophyll meter with contents of extractable chlorophyll and leaf nitrogen in maize

ARGENTA, GILBER, SILVA, PAULO REGIS FERREIRA DA, BORTOLINI, CLAYTON GIANI et al.  Abstract : The methods used to determine... Read More

Content and distribution of heavy metals in roots, stems and leaves of tree seedlings in soil contaminated by zinc industry wastes

Abstract: An experiment was carried out in greenhouse to evaluate total content and distribution of heavy metals in... Read More

Proteoglycan content in fresh and cryopreserved porcine aortic tissue

Shon YH,  Wolfinbarger L Jr. Center for Biotechnology, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia... Read More


Content 1. That which is contained within something else, usually in this sense in the plural form, contents. 2. In... Read More

Relationship between malt qualities and beta-amylase activity and protein content as affected by timing of nitrogen fertilizer application

Relationship between malt qualities and β-amylase activity and protein content as affected by timing of nitrogen... Read More

Manure Management Effects on Grass Production, Nutritive Content, and Soil Nitrogen for a Grass Silage–Based Dairy Farm

Lynn M. VanWieringena, Joe H. Harrisona, Tamilee Nennicha, Debra L. Davidsona, Lloyd Morgana, Shulin Chenb, Mike Buelerc and... Read More

Skeletal muscle

Definition noun, plural: skeletal muscles A voluntary, striated (vertebrate) muscle that is associated with the skeleton,... Read More

High-tech analysis of vineyard soil

In a special Soil Measurement & Methods section of Vadose Zone Journal, scientists review the state-of-the-art tools... Read More

The status of Channa punctatus (Bloch 1793), the snake headed murrel in relation to human health

The status of Channa punctatus (Bloch 1793), the snake headed murrel in relation to human health SUBROTO GHOSH,... Read More


Definition of Gamete What is a gamete? A gamete is the mature reproductive or sex cell that contains a haploid number of... Read More

Using frequency waves to measure moisture in soil

New findings improve the way we take and analyze field measurements MADISON, WI -- A more accurate and robust method to... Read More


Definition noun plural: protoplasms pro·to·plasm, ˈprəʊtəˌplæzəm The fluid living content of the cell that... Read More

Alimentary canal

Definition of Alimentary canal What is the alimentary canal? The alimentary canal is a muscular hollow continuous tubular... Read More

The emerging neurobiology of cholesterol

Mike A Simmonds Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, 29/39 Brunswick Square London WC1N 1AX UK, email:... Read More

Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (4th Edition)

 Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (4th Edition)   ... Read More

Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental conditions caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental... Read More

Swiss residents’ arguments for and against a career in medicine

Barbara Buddeberg-Fischer, Claudia Dietz, Richard Klaghofer and Claus Buddeberg Department of Psychosocial Medicine,... Read More

The Myth of Secular Neutrality: Unbiased Bioethics?

by Sarah J. Flashing The media spotlight on the Terri Schiavo case brought the world’s attention to important matters... Read More

Bread wheat varieties as influenced by different nitrogen levels

Bread wheat varieties as influenced by different nitrogen levels   Iqtidar Hussain,† Muhammad Ayyaz Khan, and... Read More


Definition noun (1) The presence of slight to moderate amount of liquid, especially water (2) The characteristic of being... Read More

The history of biochemistry in India

UD Deshmukh, GV Phatarphekar, SP DandekarDepartment of Biochemistry, Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital,... Read More


Definition noun, plural: halophiles An organism that thrives in an environment of high salinity Supplement A halophile... Read More

Deadly Astronomical Event Not Likely To Happen In Our Galaxy, Study Finds

    The afterglow of GRB 030329 (white dot in center of image), as detected on April 15,... Read More

Drunken Elephants: The Marula Fruit Myth

Dispelling years of anecdotes in travelogues, the popular press, and scholarly works, biologists from the University of... Read More


Endocytosis Definition What is endocytosis in biology? Endocytosis is a cellular process by which a cell internalizes any... Read More


In protistology, amoeba specifically pertains to the genus Amoeba (true amoeba) of the family Amoebidae, class Tubulinea.... Read More

New Way That Bacteria Evolve Into Something That Can Make You Sick

February 17, 2009 —  Researchers of the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research have discovered... Read More

Researchers Teach Computers How to Name Images By ‘Thinking’

University Park, Pa. --- Penn State researchers have "taught" computers how to interpret images using a... Read More

Brock Biology of Microorganisms (11th Edition)

 Brock Biology of Microorganisms (11th Edition) (Brock Biology of Microorganisms)   ... Read More


Definition noun, plural: colostra The first milk secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals coming into... Read More

Opposing Fat Metabolism Pathways Triggered By A Single Gene

Regulating metabolism of fat is an important challenge for any animal, from nematodes to humans. Central players in the... Read More

Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fourth Edition: A Problems Approach

      AUTHORS:  Wilson/ Hunt PRODUCT DETAILS:... Read More


Definition noun plural: glycogens gly·co·gen, glī′kə-jən A multi-branched polymer of glucose, mainly produced in... Read More

University of Florida Study Suggests Schools Boost Empty Calories to Raise Test Scores

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Faced with ever-increasing pressure to boost state-mandated test scores, some school districts have... Read More

The Influence of Visual Stimuli in Ethnobotanical Data Collection Using the Listing Task Method

The Influence of Visual Stimuli in Ethnobotanical Data Collection Using the Listing Task Method   TATIANA MOTA MIRANDA... Read More

Patterns in genome organization may partially explain how microbial cells work

The location of a piece of real estate may be its most important feature to many Realtors, and bioengineering... Read More

Nitrous Oxide Emissions Respond Differently to No-Till Depending on the Soil Type

Authors report that within the first 5 yr of adopting a no-tillage practice in a heavy clay soil, nitrous oxide emissions... Read More