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Lingual follicles

Lingual follicles --> folliculi linguales Collections of lymphoid tissue in the mucosa of the pharyngeal part of the tongue... Read More

Montgomerys follicles

Montgomery's follicles --> areolar glands A number of small mammary glands forming small rounded projections from the... Read More

Follicles of thyroid gland

Follicles of thyroid gland --> folliculi glandulae thyroideae (Science: physiology) The small spherical vesicular components... Read More

Aggregated lymphatic follicles of vermiform append

Aggregated lymphatic follicles of vermiform Appendix masses of lymphoid tissue in the submucous coat of the vermiform... Read More

Graafian follicles

Graafian follicle (Science: gynaecology) Final stage in the differentiation of follicles in the mammalian ovary. Consists of... Read More


Follicles of thyroid gland folliculi glandulae... Read More

Aggregated lymphatic follicles

Aggregated lymphatic follicles --> Peyer's patches lymphoid organs located in the sub mucosal tissue of the mammalian gut... Read More

Blood Vessels Hold Key To Thicker Hair Growth

MGH researchers have succeeded in growing hair faster and thicker in mice, thanks to a protein that promotes blood vessel... Read More

Hair loss problem? There might be a cure

By Maria Mozo     Perhaps, one of the feared eventualities of late adulthood is alopecia. Alopecia is the medical... Read More

Lymph nodes

Lymph nodes definition Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped organs located in different parts of the body and act as... Read More


Follicular 1. Like, pertaining to, or consisting of, a follicles or follicles. 2. (Science: medicine) Affecting the... Read More

Ovarian failure premature

ovarian failure, premature premature failure of ovulation associated with hypergonadotropinism and hypoestrogenism in women... Read More

Nano-Bombs to Treat Acne?

By Vicki Mozo   Acne! No matter how relatively little they are on the skin, those tiny red bumps are enough to make a... Read More

Human ovarian tissue cryopreservation: indications and feasibility

Human ovarian tissue cryopreservation: indications and feasibility Catherine Poirot1,2,7, Marie-Cécile Vacher-Lavenu3,... Read More

Hair follicles

Hair follicle (Science: dermatology) a tube-like opening in the epidermis where the hair shaft develops and into which the... Read More


Definition adjective Of, pertaining to, containing, or conveying lymph noun, plural: lymphatics (anatomy) A lymphatic... Read More

Mulberry ovary

mulberry ovary The type of ovary produced by the administration of anterior pituitary extracts to immature rats; such an... Read More

Galeatis glands

Galeatis glands --> intestinal glands The tubular glands in the mucous membrane of the small and large intestines. Synonym:... Read More

Mouse Study Trumpets New Way To Preserve Species

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- In a popular Dr. Seuss book, Horton the elephant is tricked into hatching a bird's egg. Now, in a... Read More

The hair cycle

Introduction The hair coat, which keeps most mammals warm, dry and protectedfrom harmful elements, requires a constant... Read More


Definition noun, plural: estrones An estrogenic hormone with a chemical formula of C18H22O2, synthesized in the ovarian... Read More

Don’t call it fur! After Combing The Scientific Literature, Researchers Conclude Head Hair And Fur Aren’t The Same

After Combing The Scientific Literature, Researchers Conclude Head Hair And Fur Aren't The Same     ... Read More

Parenchymatous goiter

parenchymatous goiter A form of goiter in which there is a great increase in the follicles with proliferation of the... Read More

Black piedra

Black piedra piedra involving the hairs of the scalp, caused by piedraia hortae and characterised by firmly adherent black,... Read More


sebaceous (Science: physiology) Pertaining to, or secreting, fat; composed of fat; having the appearance of fat; as, the... Read More

Gametokinetic hormone

Gametokinetic hormone --> follitropin An acidic glycoprotein hormone of the anterior pituitary that stimulates the graafian... Read More

Atresia folliculi

Atresia folliculi a normal process affecting the primordial ovarian follicles in which death of the ovum results in cystic... Read More


Cytotoxic (Science: pharmacology) chemicals that are directly toxic to cells, preventing their reproduction or growth.... Read More

Stroma glandulae thyroideae

stroma glandulae thyroideae --> stroma of thyroid gland The connective tissue that supports the lobules and follicles of the... Read More

Blood spots

Blood spots haemorrhagic graafian follicles seen in ovaries of mice, caused by injection of urine of pregnant women; a... Read More

Developmental Biology

For the human species to continue surviving, it is essential that mature adults are capable of producing fertile offspring,... Read More

Colloid goiter

Colloid goiter a form of goiter in which the contents of the follicles increase greatly, causing pressure atrophy of the... Read More

Ofujis disease

Ofuji's disease --> eosinophilic pustular folliculitis A dermatosis characterised by sterile pruritic papules and pustules... Read More

Wasmanns glands

Wasmann's glands --> gastric glands Branched tubular glands lying in the mucosa of the fundus and body of the stomach; such... Read More


pigskin 1. The skin of a pig, used chiefly for making saddles; hence, a colloquial or slang term for a saddle. 2. (Science:... Read More

Lupoid sycosis

Lupoid sycosis a papular or pustular inflammation of the hair follicles of the beard, followed by punctuate scarring and... Read More

Light cells of thyroid

Light cells of thyroid --> parafollicular cells cells present between follicles or interspersed among follicular cell's;... Read More

Erector muscles of hairs

Erector muscles of hairs --> arrector pili muscles bundles of smooth muscle fibres, attached to the deep part of the hair... Read More

Follicular dendritic cells

Follicular dendritic cell (Science: pathology) a virus-trapping dendritic cell found in lymph node follicles (germinal... Read More