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Afferent Nerve

Afferent Nerve Definition The word ‘aferent’ means "steering or conducting something towards a destination". The... Read More

Cranial nerve

Definition noun, plural: cranial nerves Any of the paired nerves emerging from the brain (including the brainstem but not... Read More

Thoracic spinal nerve

Definition noun, plural: thoracic spinal nerves Any of the twelve pairs of nerves that emerge from the thoracic region of... Read More

Terminal nerve

Definition noun, plural: vagus nerves A small cranial nerve that courses anteriorly along the olfactory... Read More

Nervous System

    THE is the most complicated and highly organized of the various systems which make up the human body. It is the... Read More

Olfactory nerve

Definition noun, plural: olfactory nerves The cranial nerve comprised of sensory nerve fibers that carry impulses for the... Read More

Nerve impulse

Definition noun (1) The movement of action potential along a nerve fiber in response to a stimulus (such as touch, pain,... Read More

Efferent nerve

Definition noun, plural: efferent nerves The type of nerve that carries nerve impulses away from the central nervous system... Read More


nerve 1. (Science: anatomy) One of the whitish and elastic bundles of fibres, with the accompanying tissues, which transmit... Read More


Ganglia Definition What are ganglia? To simply define ganglia in biology, it is the structure of an oval shape that... Read More

Coccygeal spinal nerve

Definition noun, plural: coccygeal spinal nerves Any of the pair of nerves that emerge from the coccygeal region of the... Read More

Myelinated nerve

Definition noun A nerve cell in which the axon is surrounded by a layer of Schwann cell membranes of myelin... Read More

Nerve cell

Definition noun, plural: nerve cells A neuron; a cell of the nervous system that transmits nerve impulses Supplement Nerve... Read More

Unmyelinated nerve

Definition noun A nerve that is bare or without the myelin sheath around the axon. Supplement The unmyelinated nerve... Read More

Statoacoustic nerve

statoacoustic nerve --> vestibulocochlear nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) The vestibulocochlear nerve is responsible for... Read More

Spinal nerve

Definition noun, plural: spinal nerves Any of the pairs of nerves emerging from the spinal cord, where each pair is attached... Read More

Medial popliteal nerve

medial popliteal nerve --> tibial nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) The medial terminal branch of the sciatic nerve. The... Read More

Secretomotor nerve

secretomotor nerve --> secretory nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) A nerve conveying impulses that excite functional activity... Read More

Upper lateral cutaneous nerve of arm

upper lateral cutaneous nerve of arm --> superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) The terminal... Read More

Posterior supraclavicular nerve

posterior supraclavicular nerve --> lateral supraclavicular nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) One of several branches of... Read More

Nerve fibre

nerve fibre The axon of a nerve cell, ensheathed by oligodendroglia cells in brain and spinal cord, and by schwann cells in... Read More

Medullated nerve

Definition noun A nerve cell in which the axon is surrounded by a layer of white, fatty substance (myelin). Supplement The... Read More

Anterior crural nerve

Anterior crural nerve --> femoral nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) a nerve originating in the lumbar spinal cord (usually... Read More

Ventral primary ramus of spinal nerve

ventral primary ramus of spinal nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) The larger, anterolaterally-directed major terminal branch... Read More

Law of specific nerve energies

<a href="https://www.biologyonline.com/dictionary/law-of-specific">nerve energies --> Muller's law Each type... Read More

Accommodation of nerve

Accommodation of nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) The property of a nerve by which it adjusts to a slowly increasing strength... Read More

Nerve endings

nerve endings Specialised terminations of peripheral neurons. Nerve endings include neuroeffector junction(s) by which... Read More

Cutaneous nerve

Cutaneous nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) a mixed nerve supplying a region of the skin, including its sensory endings, blood... Read More

Sensory nerve

sensory nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) An afferent nerve conveying impulses that are processed by the central nervous... Read More

Myelinated nerve fiber

Definition noun Nerve fiber enveloped by a sheath of myelin believed to be associated with saltatory conduction, which is a... Read More

Nerve conduction

nerve conduction The transmission of an impulse along a nerve... Read More


Chordata Definition What is Chordata? Chordata is the phylum of the animal kingdom that includes a large number of animal... Read More

Nervous tissue

Definition noun A type of animal tissue comprised principally of nerve cells and neuroglia cells Supplement The four... Read More

Axon terminal

An axon terminal is any of the button-like endings of axons through which axons make synaptic contacts with other nerve... Read More

Axon hillock

Axon Hillock Definition What is axon hillock? If you are familiar with the different parts of the neuron, the axon hillock... Read More

Sense organ

Definition noun, plural: sense organs An organ or structure that has nerve endings capable of detecting and reacting to a... Read More

Nerve Fiber

A threadlike extension of a nerve... Read More


Definition noun, plural: axons A long slender fibre of a neuron and is responsible for conducting nerve impulses away from... Read More

Peripheral nervous system

Definition noun The part of the nervous system that relays between the central nervous system and the rest of the body, and... Read More

Efferent neuron

Definition noun, plural: efferent neurons A neuron with an axon that carries nerve impulses peripherally, and innervates... Read More