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neurotransmitter Any of a group of substances that are released on excitation from the axon terminal of a presynaptic neuron... Read More

Axon terminal

An axon terminal is any of the button-like endings of axons through which axons make synaptic contacts with other nerve... Read More

Neurons use chemical ‘chords’ to shape signaling

Researchers have discovered that neurons can use two different neurotransmitters that target the same receptor on a... Read More

SIDS Infants Show Abnormalities In Brain Area Controlling Breathing, Heart Rate

       Infants who died from SIDS had significantly more serotonergic neurons... Read More

Synaptic cleft

Definition noun The minute gap between presynaptic cell and postsynaptic cell in a chemical synapse, across which the... Read More

Synaptic vesicle

Definition noun, plural: synaptic vesicles (neurobiology) Any of the intracellular, membrane-bound compartments with... Read More

Dopamine Used To Prompt Nerve Tissue To Regrow

When Yadong Wang, a chemist by training, first ventured into nerve regeneration two years ago, he didn’t know that his... Read More


phenylalanine (Science: amino acid) One of the amino acids which the body cannot manufacture itself, but must acquire from... Read More

Efferent neuron

Definition noun, plural: efferent neurons A neuron with an axon that carries nerve impulses peripherally, and innervates... Read More


Definition noun, plural: dopamines 3,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine (chemical formula: C8H11NO2); a neurotransmitter or a hormone... Read More

‘Pony Express’ Protein Shown To Rally Biological Clock

A biologist at Washington University in St. Louis and his collaborators have identified the factor in mammalian brain... Read More


Definition noun, plural: neurohormones Any of the various hormones secreted by neuroendocrine cells Supplement A... Read More

Nicotine exposure during development leads to hearing problems

Scientists know that children of women who smoke during pregnancy can develop hearing-related cognitive deficits. For the... Read More

Pony Express Protein: Protein Found That Rallies Biological Clock

A biologist at Washington University in St. Louis and his collaborators have identified the factor in mammalian brain... Read More


Definition noun, plural: vesicles (general) A small sac or cyst containing fluid or gas (cell biology) A bubble-like... Read More

Interstitial fluid

Definition noun The fluid found in the intercellular spaces composed of water, amino acids, sugars, fatty acids,... Read More

Why Diet Drug Phen/Fen Damaged The Heart

Three years ago, the diet drug phen/fen was pulled from the market for causing heart valve damage. Fenfluramine, also... Read More

Serotonin receptor: A rheostat in brain for emotion that may be linked to depression

Amygdala's response is regulated by a specific serotonin receptor in brain stem PITTSBURGH, Oct. 1 – Although drugs that... Read More

Excitatory synapse

Definition noun (1) A synapse in which the nerve impulse in a presynaptic cell tend to increase the probability of the... Read More

‘Personality-gene’ makes songbirds curious

Whether you are an anxious type, or a fearless person - such individual differences in personality could be partly due to... Read More


Definition noun plural: adenosines a·den·o·sine, əˈdɛn əˌsin A purine nucleoside that has adenine bound to a... Read More


Definition noun, plural: telodendrons or telodendra Any of the terminal or smaller branches of an axon that terminates with... Read More

Molecular Basis of Neuropharmacology: A Foundation for Clinical Neuroscience

Molecular Basis of Neuropharmacology: A Foundation for Clinical Neuroscience  ... Read More

Excitatory postsynaptic potential

Definition noun A type of postsynaptic potential where the binding of neurotransmitters with the postsynaptic receptors... Read More

Signal transduction

Signal transduction The cascade of processes by which an extracellular signal (typically a hormone or neurotransmitter)... Read More


Gaba --> gamma aminobutyric acid (Science: biochemistry) An important amino acid which functions as the most prevalent... Read More

Chemical synapse

Definition noun, plural: chemical synapses A specialized cell-to-cell junction where nerve impulse is transmitted in one... Read More

Presynaptic cell

presynaptic cell (Science: physiology) In a chemical synapse, the cell that releases neurotransmitter that will stimulate... Read More

Postsynaptic cell

postsynaptic cell In a chemical synapse, the cell that receives a signal (binds neurotransmitter) from the presynaptic cell... Read More

Organic compound

Definition noun plural: organic compounds A compound that, in general, contains carbon covalently bound to other atoms,... Read More

Cholinergic system

Definition A system of nerve cells that uses acetylcholine in transmitting nerve impulses. Supplement The cholinergic system... Read More

Ligand gated ion channels

Ligand gated ion channel a transmembrane ion channel whose permeability is increased by the binding of a specific ligand,... Read More

Efferent nerve

Definition noun, plural: efferent nerves The type of nerve that carries nerve impulses away from the central nervous system... Read More

FAAH-OUT mutation for a life of no pain – No FAAH, no pain

A Scottish woman claims that she has not experienced pain over some supposedly painful conditions, like a severe joint... Read More

Plant sets off “SOS” for plant defense when it gets hurt

When herbivore, such as an insect, nibbles a plant leaf, the plant sets off an "SOS" or distress signal as one of the... Read More

The biology of how the brain forgets

Our brain tends to forget things that we wish we would always remember. And yet, it cannot forget certain things we wish... Read More

Cell signaling

Definition noun The process of communication occurring between the cells and within the cell Supplement Cell signaling is... Read More

Motor neuron

Definition noun, plural: motor neurons A type of neuron connected to a muscle fiber and originates from the central nervous... Read More