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Droplets To Detect Tumoral DNA from Urine and Blood

Wouldn’t it be nice to detect cancer from readily available samples such as blood or urine? Well, we might not need to... Read More

Laser light may be able to detect diseases on the breath

New technique could help doctors screen for asthma and cancer WASHINGTON, Feb. 15—A team of scientists at JILA, a joint... Read More

New Blood Test Could Detect Lung Cancer In Its Earliest Stages

DURHAM, N.C. -- Lung cancer is often deadly by the time doctors have detected it, but scientists at Duke University... Read More

First Protein "Biochips" May Deliver Improved Detection, Diagnosis

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Scientists at Purdue University have created the first protein "biochips," mating silicon... Read More

Scientists using laser light to detect potential diseases via breath samples, says new study

By blasting a person's breath with laser light, scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the... Read More

Reversible microlenses to speed chemical detection

    On the left, a microlens is in the 'on' state and ready to detect. The right shows... Read More

New field-deployable biosensor detects avian influenza virus in minutes instead of days

Quick identification of avian influenza infection in poultry is critical to controlling outbreaks, but current detection... Read More

NYU algorithm enhances ability to detect cancer genes

Researchers at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences have developed a new algorithm that... Read More

Challenges in Detecting the Abuse of Growth Hormone in Sport

REVIEWS Cathy M. McHugha,1, Roderick T. Park1, Peter H. Sönksen1 and Richard I.G. Holt1 1 Endocrinology &... Read More

Research Collaboration To Detect Life-Threatening Fungus

Hear the word fungus, and mushrooms and mold might leap to mind. But the University of Florida is about to house the... Read More

Mad Cow Disease Can Be Detected Through the Eyes of the Cattle

  Bovine with Mad cow disease. Note the inabiltiy of the infected animal to stand. Image source: USDA.... Read More

"Glowing" Technique Could Detect River Pollution

New technology used to analyse dissolved organic matter in river water could also help scientists detect and monitor... Read More

Not Just For Eatin’: Blue Crab Nano-Sensor Detects Dangers

A substance found in crab shells is the key component in a nanoscale sensor system developed by researchers at the... Read More

Nanotechnology Innovation May Revolutionize Gene Detection In A Single Cell

By controlling the exact position and location of the chemical bases within a synthetic replica of DNA, Yan... Read More

A better test to detect DNA for diagnosing disease, investigating crimes

Researchers in Singapore are reporting development of a new electronic sensor that shows promise as a faster, less... Read More

New Ultrasensitive Electronic Sensor Array Speeds Up DNA Detection

A novel electronic sensor array for more rapid, accurate and cost-efficient testing of DNA for disease diagnosis and... Read More

New Method May Rapidly And Effectively Detect Significant Food-Borne Pathogen

October 20, 2008 — Researchers from Sweden and Finland have developed a rapid and specific method that may detect the... Read More

Yale test detects early stage ovarian cancer with 99 percent accuracy

February 2008 -- Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have developed a blood test with enough sensitivity and specificity... Read More

Detection of aromatic catabolic gene expression in heterogeneous organic matter used for reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by biofiltration

Detection of aromatic catabolic gene expression in heterogeneous organic matter used for reduction of volatile organic... Read More

Detecting Early Forms Of Cancer By Analyzing Structure of Specific Sugar Molecules

In order to provide the most effective treatments for cancer patients, it is essential to develop methods of sensitive and... Read More

Chips could speed up detection of livestock viruses

Some of the worst threats to farm workers and farm animals such as bird flu, foot-and-mouth disease and other emerging... Read More

University of Iowa team discovers first moisture-sensing genes

Researchers in the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine have discovered the first two genes... Read More

New test for detecting fake organic milk

February 25, 2009 -- Scientists in Germany are reporting development of a new, more effective method to determine whether... Read More

Computer-Aided System Effectively Detects and Measures Pneumothoraces in Chest Trauma Patients

A new computer-aided method used with MDCT to detect and measure pneumothoraces in trauma patients helps physicians make... Read More

Advance in detecting melamine-adulterated food

Researchers in Indiana are reporting an advance toward faster, more sensitive tests for detecting melamine, the substance... Read More

New Test Speeds Triclosan Detection In Water

January 24, 2009 — A new test for detecting triclosan should expedite environmental monitoring of the antibacterial agent... Read More

3T MRI: Highly Effective at Detecting Wrist Ligament Tears, Possibly Eliminating Need for Invasive Arthroscopy

January 9, 2009 -- MRI of the wrist at 3T is an effective way to detect wrist ligament tears and in some cases can avoid... Read More

World’s smallest hand-held instrument for detecting health and safety threats

Chemists have developed the world's smallest mass spectrometer, the Mini 11, which could be used to detect... Read More

New Research Detects Human-induced Climate Change At A Regional Scale

Canadian and British climate scientists have clearly detected human-induced climate change at a regional scale in Canada,... Read More

Chemists detect toxic emissions linked to catalytic converters in US

A study scheduled for publication in the Dec. 15 issue of the American Chemical Society's journal, Environmental Science... Read More

Scientists find a way to detect which breast abnormalities may develop into cancer

Scientists at the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals in the UK have found a way of testing whether certain abnormalities... Read More

Detection of the pediocin gene pedA in strains from human faeces by real-time PCR and characterization of Pediococcus acidilactici UVA1

Detection of the pediocin gene pedA in strains from human faeces by real-time PCR and characterization of Pediococcus... Read More

Detection Methods of ELISA

Tags: ELISA, antibody URL: http://www.creative-peptides.com/products.asp?cid=13 Tags: ELISA, antibody URL:... Read More

Multidetector CT Cystography Accurately Detects Urine Leaks after Prostatectomy

Multidetector CT (MDCT) cystography (diagnostic procedure used to examine the bladder) can be used to detect vesicourethral... Read More

New Test Can Detect Both Genetic And Chromosomal Abnormalities In Embryos

One-step screening for both genetic and chromosomal abnormalities has come a stage closer as scientists announced that an... Read More

Low-cost rapid detection of rifampicin resistant tuberculosis using bacteriophage in Kampala, Uganda

Background Resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs is a serious public health problem. Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis... Read More

Engineering Approaches for the Detection and Control of Orthopaedic Biofilm Infections

Engineering Approaches for the Detection and Control of Orthopaedic Biofilm Infections Garth D. Ehrlich, PhD,1,2 Paul... Read More

Zika detection: comparison of methodologies

Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes particularly female that is active during daytime to feed blood in order to lay... Read More

Glaucoma detection

Glaucoma detection You may know of the air puff test or other tests used to measure eye pressure in an eye examination. But,... Read More