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stretch 1. To reach out; to extend; to put forth. And stretch forth his neck long and small. (Chaucer) I in conquest... Read More

Stretch reflex

Definition noun A reflex contraction of a muscle when the muscle proprioceptors (e.g. muscle spindles) are... Read More

Stretch receptors

stretch receptors Receptor's that are sensitive to elongation, especially those in golgi tendon organs and muscle spindles,... Read More

Achilles reflex

Definition noun, plural: Achilles reflexes A stretch reflex wherein the foot jerks towards the plantar surface by reflex as... Read More


rack 1. An instrument or frame used for stretching, extending, retaining, or displaying, something. Specifically: An engine... Read More

Jaw jerk reflex

Definition noun A stretch reflex that manifests as the contraction of the masseter and the temporalis muscles in response to... Read More

Patellar reflex

Definition noun, plural: patellar reflexes A stretch reflex wherein the anterior muscles of the thigh contracts by reflex as... Read More

Muscle spindle

Definition noun A fusiform mechanoreceptor (specifically a stretch receptor) within the skeletal muscle, composed of a... Read More

Stretch a DNA loop, turn off proteins

        It may look like mistletoe wrapped around a... Read More

Loosen up, DNA: Leukemia gene changes genetic packaging

A signaling system involved in many forms of leukemia and lymphoma is more powerful than scientists have thought, exerting... Read More


Distend to become expanded or inflated; to swell. His heart distends with pride. 1. To extend in some one direction; to... Read More

Neuromuscular spindle

Definition noun A fusiform end organ within the skeletal muscle. It is composed of a bundle of 3 to 10 striated muscle... Read More

The effects of aquatic macrophytes on river water

N. Desmet (1,2), K. Buis (2), L. De Doncker (3), P. Seuntjens (1), S. Van Belleghem (2), T.J. Bouma (4), L.A. Van Duren (4),... Read More

Beyond lipids: understanding the mechanics of atherosclerosis

UCSD bioengineers have found a link between parallel alignment of... Read More

Smooth muscle

The smooth muscle can be described as a type of muscle in the human body that is non-striated and involuntary in action.... Read More


straight 1. Right, in a mathematical sense; passing from one point to another by the nearest course; direct; not deviating... Read More


Diatonic Pertaining to the scale of eight tones, the eighth of which is the octave of the first. Diatonic scale, a scale... Read More

Poly a tail

Definition noun A long stretch of (about ten to 200 or more) adenine nucleotides added to the "tail" or 3' end of the... Read More


Definition noun The capability of being distended or stretched under pressure. Supplement For instance, the distensibility... Read More


thin Not thickly or closely; in a seattered state; as, seed sown thin. Spain is thin sown of people. (bacon) 1. Having... Read More


rake 1. An implement consisting of a headpiece having teeth, and a long handle at right angles to it, used for collecting... Read More

Gene-Finding Method May Speed Search For Disease-Causing Mutant Forms

A new research tool -- developed at the University of Southern California by a collaboration between mathematicians and... Read More

Clasp-knife rigidity

Clasp-knife rigidity --> clasp-knife spasticity initial increased resistance to stretch of the extensor muscles of a joint... Read More


Definition noun, plural: microsatellites (molecular biology) A tandem repeat ranging in length from 1 to 6 base pairs,... Read More


tetanus 1. An acute, often fatal infectious disease caused by the anaerobic, spore forming bacillus clostridium tetani, the... Read More


pace 1. A single movement from one foot to the other in walking; a step. 2. The length of a step in walking or marching,... Read More


Definition noun, plural: aldosterones A mineralocorticoid with a chemical formula of C21H28O5, and controls salt and water... Read More

Lung compliance

Definition noun (1) The ability of the lungs to stretch in a change in pulmonary volume relative to an applied change in... Read More

Hookes law

Hookes law The stress applied to stretch or compress a body is proportional to the strain, or change in length thus... Read More


Definition noun, plural: reflexes (physiology) An innate, immediate involuntary action to a stimulus without prior conscious... Read More


stream To send forth in a current or stream; to cause to flow; to pour; as, his eyes streamed tears. It may so please that... Read More


tense Tight, rigid, or strained; characterised by anxiety and psychological strain. Origin: L. Tensus, pp. Of tendo, to... Read More


tent (Science: surgery) A roll of lint or linen, or a conical or cylindrical piece of sponge or other absorbent, used... Read More


sprawl 1. To spread and stretch the body or limbs carelessly in a horizontal position; to lie with the limbs stretched out... Read More


Definition noun, plural: peritonea (anatomy) The serous membrane forming the lining of the abdominal cavity or... Read More

Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession With Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession With Cosmetic Surgery   ... Read More

Elastic tissue

Definition noun, plural: elastic tissues A connective tissue composed of elastic fibers produced by fibroblasts and can... Read More


Definition noun, plural: protophloems The first phloem to develop from the procambium Supplement The phloem is a vascular... Read More