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Researchers Identify Enzyme That Turns On RNA

Knowing an organism's genome is good, but knowing what turns on its genes is even better. Scientists have long searched... Read More

Bio-crude turns cheap waste into valuable fuel

CSIRO and Monash University have developed a chemical process that turns green waste into a stable bio-crude... Read More


pivot 1. A fixed pin or short axis, on the end of which a wheel or other body turns. 2. The end of a shaft or arbor which... Read More

Behavioral Genetics: The Clash of Culture and Biology

    AUTHORS: Floyd E. Bloom (Foreword), Ronald A. Carson (Editor), Mark... Read More

Cryobiology: The Study of Life and Death at Low Temperatures

by Gregory M. Fahy, PhD Cryobiology -- usually thought of as the study of the effects of subfreezing temperatures on... Read More

Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry

From a speech delivered at Discovery Institute's God & Culture Conference Michael J. Behe Discovery Institute August... Read More

Researcher turns brown algae phylogeny upside down

According to fellow phycologists, algae expert Stefan Draisma from the Leiden University has turned brown algae phylogeny... Read More

Carbon turns over much faster through basal food-chain levels in aquatic than in terrestrial ecosystems

Global temperatures have increased dramatically over the past century, which is causing major impacts on climate patterns,... Read More

To Save Rare Stingrays, UF Researcher Turns To Native Florida Species

Writer: Aaron Hoover Source: Peter Piermarini, (352) 392-1107, pmpierma@zoo.ufl.edu GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Only a few of... Read More

The Initiation and Control of Rapid Flight Maneuvers in Fruit Flies

Michael H. Dickinson2,1 1 Caltech, Mail Code 138-78, Pasadena, California 91125     Fruit flies alter... Read More

Scientists Discover New Gene Essential For The Development

Scientists Discover New Gene Essential For The Development Of Normal Brain Connections Resulting From Sensory Input    ... Read More

Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries

 Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries      ... Read More

Abnormal plant shows scientists path to plant, animal development

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A pickle-shaped root is revealing how plants develop from embryos to adults and also may hold... Read More

Takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri)

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga Previously, we've seen the different animals endemic to New Zealand. Due to the... Read More

Curbing C. difficile’s toxin production

As if being admitted to the hospital weren't bad enough, patients, once admitted, are at higher risk of becoming infected... Read More


swivel 1. (Science: mechanics) A piece, as a ring or hook, attached to another piece by a pin, in such a manner as to permit... Read More


Hinge 1. The hook with its eye, or the joint, on which a door, gate, lid, etc, turns or swings; a flexible piece, as a strip... Read More


supercoiling (Science: molecular biology) In circular DNA or closed loops of dNA, twisting of the DNA about its own axis... Read More

Gorgon: Paleontology, Obsession, and the Greatest Catastrophe in Earth’s History

Gorgon: Paleontology, Obsession, and the Greatest Catastrophe in Earth's History ... Read More

Physicists Turn Single Molecules Into Working Transistors

University of Arizona physicists have discovered how to turn single molecules into working transistors. It's a... Read More

Light-sensitive photoswitches could restore sight to those with macular degeneration

Altered potassium, glutamate channels turn on and off with light Berkeley -- A research center newly created by the... Read More

Localization and Physical Property Experiments Conducted by Opportunity at Meridiani Planum

REPORTS R. E. Arvidson,1*R. C. Anderson,2P. Bartlett,3J. F. Bell, III,4P. R. Christensen,5P. Chu,3K. Davis,3B. L.... Read More

Key enzyme responsible for fat development discovered

A little-studied enzyme has been discovered to play a crucial role in adding fat to the body, scientists at the University... Read More

While Focusing on Heart Disease Interventions, Researchers Discover New Tactic Against Fatal Muscular Dystrophy

NEW YORK (Feb. 8, 2009) – Based on a striking similarity between heart disease and Duchenne muscular dystrophy,... Read More

First discovery of "animals-only" pigment bilirubin in plants

March 29, 2009 -- In a first-of-its-kind discovery that overturns conventional wisdom, scientists in Florida are reporting... Read More

How the Neuron Sprouts Its Branches

December 12, 2005 -- DURHAM, N.C. - Neurobiologists have gained new insights into how neurons control growth of the... Read More

NASA Scientists Find Clues to a Secret of Life

March 18, 2009 -- NASA scientists analyzing the dust of meteorites have discovered new clues to a long-standing mystery... Read More

Baffling Chronic Pain Linked To Weird Rewiring Of Brain

November 27, 2008 — Scientists peered at the brains of people with a baffling chronic pain condition and... Read More

Symbiotic fungus does not depend on fungus-farming ants for reproduction, researchers say

June 28, 2006 -- AUSTIN, Texas—Fungus-farming ants around the world cultivate essentially the same fungus and are not as... Read More

Gene silencing may improve treatment of a deadly complication of liver disease

A technique that “silences,” or turns off, genes shows promise as a potential new treatment for liver fibrosis — the... Read More

Removal Of Dominant Rivals Causes Male Cichlid Fish To Undergo Remarkable Transformation

Dominant male Astatotilapia burtoni dispute a territorial boundary. (Image by Russell D. Fernald and Sabrina... Read More

Dermatitis Is More Prevalent In Humid Cities Where There Is A High Level Of Rainfall

January 29, 2009 — Climate affects children who have atopic dermatitis, a recurrent disease of the skin. This... Read More

Protein Forces & Structure – Bonds Stabilizing the Folded 3D Conformation

Virtually every biochemical process in the living cell is catalysed, sustained and regulated by protein. While... Read More

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design by J. Wells

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design   ... Read More

Plants Recognize Their Siblings, Biologists Discover

June 2007 -- The next time you venture into your garden armed with plants, consider who you place next to whom. It turns... Read More

Paramecia adapt their swimming to changing gravitational force

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- For many single-celled organisms living in water, the force is always against them. The classic example... Read More

Finding And Getting The Job You Love – 6 Great Tips

If you are in this position, you will understand. That moment when you trudge to your work, day in day out and then one day... Read More

Biologists see combined structure of cold virus and receptor molecule

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Biologists at Purdue University have determined the combined structure of a common-cold virus... Read More

Chinese medicinal compound stops formation of cysts in polycystic kidney disease in lab

Using a compound from a centuries-old Chinese traditional medicine, Yale University researcher Dr. Craig Crews has been able... Read More

Origins of nervous system found in genes of sea sponge

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara have discovered significant clues to the evolutionary origins of... Read More